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Access BackSaver®

The Access BackSaver® is a hydraulic and pneumatically powered drill pipe slip. It has been designed specifically to increase safety and productivity on the rig floor.

Major features of the tool, besides its rugged construction, are its light weight and low height profile. It is easy to install and can be used in conjunction with existing rig slips.

By bringing powered operation to the highly labor intensive activity of manipulating drill pipe rotary slips, the BackSaver®:

  • Increases safety on the rig floor (reduces the potentional for injuries)
  • Automated operation can reduce personnel needed on rig floor
  • Extends slip and insert life by properly setting the slips each time
  • Fail safe (In the event of power loss)
  • Easy installation

Forum™ Energy Technoloigies (formerly Access Oil Tools) - Smart Solutions & Powerful Products stocked by Oil Nation Inc., located in Houston, TX.

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Access Backsaver® demo of use - contact Oil Nation Inc. for details

Access BackSaver®

  • Weight - 350 lbs (without slip segments)
  • Height - 23 1/2" raised, 6" lowered
  • Base Dimensions - 43.42" x 23.58" x 13.27"
  • Base Opening - 20.20"
  • Minimum Air Pressure - 65 psi
  • Minimum Hydraulic Pressure - 1000 psi